姓 名:梁越昇

性 别:男

职 称:讲座教授/博士生导师

职 务:特聘教授

学 位:美国柏克莱加州大学机械工程博士




1、总裁,北美洲製造研究学术院 (President, North  American Manufacturing Research Institution (NAMRI))

2、理事长, 美国机械工程师学会製造门会 (Chair,  Manufacturing Engineering Division, American Society of Mechanical Engineers  (MED/ASME))

3、先进製造讲座冠名教授、美国乔治亚理工学院机械系 (Morris M.  Bryan, Jr. Professor for Advanced Manufacturing Systems, Georgia Institute of  Technology, USA.)




科研项目(共主持55科研项目, 含以下在研):

1、Single-Grit Magnetobrasion for Free  Form Micro-Machining, GT Fund for Innovation in Research and Education, GT-FIRE,  3/12-6/14.

2、Predictive Modeling for  First-Part-Right Grind Shaping of Honeycomb Substrates, Corning Corp.,  9/2012-8/2014.

3、Manufacturing-Influenced  Computational Materials Design, Boeing Strategic University Program (SUP),  12/2012-12/2014.

4、Intelligent Learning Engines for  Manufacturing, SEC Academic Sinica (SEAS), 7/2013-12/2013.

5、Intelligent Manufacturing Systems,  SEC Academic Sinica (SEAS), 1/2014-6/2016.

6、Making Ultra-Fine Grained Pure  Titanium-Based Medical Implant by Seamless Integrating Severe Plastic  Deformation and Machining, US National Science Foundation, 4/2014 –  3/2017.

7、Investigation of Alternative  Manufacturing Processes for the Production of Slot-Type Features in  Difficult-to-Machine Materials, ALCOA, 3/2014 – 3/2016.


1、Su,  J.-C., Young, K. A., Ma, K., Srivasta, S., Morehouse, J. B., and Liang, S. Y.,  “Modeling of Residual Stresses in Milling,” International Journal of Advanced  Manufacturing Technology, Vol. 65, Issue 5, 2013, pp. 717-733.

2、Su,  J.-C., Young, K. A., Ma, K., Srivatsa, S., Morehouse, J. B., and Liang, S. Y.,  “Predictive Modeling of Machining Residual Stresses Considering Tool Edge  Effects,” Production Engineering Research and Development, : Volume 7, Issue 4,  2013, pp. 391-400.

3、Venkatachalam, S., Li, X., Fergani,  O., Yang, J. G., and Liang, S. Y., “Crystallographic Effects on Micro-scale  Machining of Polycrystalline Brittle Materials,” ASME Trans. Journal of Micro  and Nano-Manufacturing, Vol. 1, No. 4, 2013, pp. 041001-1~04100-9.

4、Hwang, J., Jeong, E.-H., Chung,  E.-S., and Liang, S. Y., “Assessment of the Cutting Tooling Effect on Turning  Chatter,” Proceedings of International Conference on Mechatronics and Control  Engineering (ICMCE), Dalian, China, 2013.

5、Ji,  X., Zhang, X. P., Li, B. Z., and Liang, S. Y., “Predictive Modeling of Cutting  Force, Temperature, and Residual Stress in Minimum Quantity Lubrication,”  Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Machine Design and Manufacturing  Engineering(ICMDME), Jeju Island, S. Korea, May 1~2, 2013.

6、Pucha, R., Utschig T., and Liang,  S. Y., “Use of Process-oriented Approaches in Content-Intensive Courses: Some  Insight in Teaching / Learning of Machine Design” Proceedings of 120th ASEE  Annual Conference & Exposition, Atlanta, Paper ID # 6259, June 23-26,  2013.

7、Hwang, J., Jeong, E.-H., Chung,  E.-S., and Liang, S. Y., “Assessment of the Cutting Tooling Effect on Turning  Chatter,” Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 433-435, 2013, pp.  2101-2106.

8、Ji,  X., Zhang, X. P., and Liang, S. Y., “Effects of Cutting Fluid on Force,  Temperature and Residual Stress,” Proceedings of International Forum on System  and Mechatronics, Gui-lin, China, July 22~25, 2013.

9、Ji,  X., Zhang, X. P., Li, B. Z., and Liang, S. Y., “Predictive Modeling of Minimum  Quantity Lubrication: Cutting Force, Temperature and Residual Stress,” Applied  Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 365-366, 2013, pp 1181-1184.

10、Li, B., Ni, J., Yang, J., and  Liang, S. Y., “Study on High-speed Grinding Mechanisms for Quality and Process  Efficiency,” International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2013,  DOI 10.1007/s00170-013-5297-y.

11、Fergani, O., Mamedov, A., Lazoglu,  I., Yang, J., and Liang, S. Y., “Prediction of Residual Stress Induced  Distortions in Micro-milling of Al7050 Thin Plate”, Proceedings of International  Conference on Management, Manufacturing and Materials Engineering (ICMMM),  Xi’an, China, October 25-27, 2013.

12、Omar Fergani and Steven Y. Liang,  “Materials–Affected Manufacturing, Manufacturing Letters, Vol. 1, 2–4, 2013,  pp. 74–77.

13、Shih, A. H., and Liang, S. Y.,  “Magnetic Levitation and Rotation for Feasibility of Free-form Machining,”  Proceedings of 2013 The 4th International Conference on Frontiers of  Manufacturing and Design Science (ICFMD), Hong Kong, Dec 11-13, 2013.

14、Shao, Y., Fergani, O.,  Venkatachalam, S., and Liang, S. Y., “Predictive Materials-Influenced Force  Model in the Ductile-Regime Machining of Polycrystalline Brittle Materials,“  International Journal of Recent Advances in Mechanical Engineering (IJMECH),  Vol. 2, No. 4, November 2013, pp. 1-7.

15、Ji, X., Zhang, X., and Liang, S.  Y., “Predictive Modeling of Residual Stress in Minimum Quantity Lubrication  Machining, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2013,  DOI 10.1007/s00170-013-5439-2.

16、Shih, A. H., and Liang, S. Y.,  “Magnetic Levitation and Rotation for Feasibility of Free-form Machining,”  Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 496-500, pp 1048-1051, Trans Tech  Publications, Switzerland, 2014.

17、Liang, S. Y., Li, Y., Billington,  S. A., Zhang, C., Shiroishi, J., Kurfess, T. R., and Danyluk, S., “Adaptive  Prognostics for Rotary Machineries,” Proceedings of International Conference on  Structural Integrity, Kalpakkam, India, February 4-7, 2014.

18、Fergani, O., Mamedov, A., Lazoglu,  I., Yang, J., and Liang, S. Y., “Prediction of Residual Stress Induced  Distortions in Micro-milling of Al7050 Thin Plate”, Applied Mechanics and  Materials, Vol. 472, 2014, pp 677-681.

19、Fergani O., Shao Y., Lazoglu I.,  Tabei, A., Liang S. Y., “Temperature Effect on Grinding Residual Stresses,” 6th  CIRP Conference on High Performance Cutting, Berkeley, June 23-25, 2014  (accepted)

20、Fergani, O, Shao Y, Liang S Y,  Effect of Temperature on the Subsurface Microstructure and Mechanical Properties  of AA 7075-T6 during Orthogonal Cutting, 2nd CIRP Conference on Surface  Integrity (CSI), Notthingham, UK, 28-30 May 2014 (accepted)

21、Wu, Zhouping, Li, Beizhi, Yang,  Jianguo, and Liang, S. Y., “Effect of Grinding Wheel on the Dynamic Performance  of High-Speed Spindle System with an Improved FE Model,” Journal of  Vibroengineering, 2014 (accepted).


1、美国道格拉斯工程奖章 (Douglas Outstanding  Young Manufacturing Engineer Award, SME);

2、国际迪德工程奖章 (Ralph R. Teetor  Educational Award, SAE International);

3、伍卓夫学术专家奖 (Woodruff Faculty Fellow,  Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)

4、美国机械工程师学会院士 (Fellow, American  Society of Mechanical Engineers);

5、美国布列尔量测技术奖章 (ASME Blackall Machine  Tool and Gage Award);

6、国际製造工程师学会院士 (Fellow, American  Society of Manufacturing Engineers);

7、最佳论文发表奖,国际机电系统会议 (Best Paper Award,  International Forum on System and Mechatronics);



1、机床设计与控制(Machine Tool Design and  Control), (研)

2、设计,材料,与製造(Design, Materials, and  Manufacture), (本)

3、製造工程与技术(Manufacturing Engineering),  (本)


地址:上海市松江区人民北路2999号, 4号学院楼, 5017室,  201620


Add:Room 5017, No.4 College Building,  2999 North Renmin Rd, Songjiang, Shanghai, P.R.C, 201620










































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